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EHS Policy

Empire Construction Company is committed to achieve an ultimate goal “ZERO ACCIDENT "with active involvement of all individuals in the organisation.

We Adopt

  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)
  • rigorous first aid, medical assistance and constant awareness on preventive measures       through safety posters.
  • Safety officer is appointed on each and every site to take care of all the safety norms to       avoid accidents.
  • Activity training

Our employees play a key role in acquiring knowledge and adopting safety programmes to develop a “SAFETY CULTURE” in our organisation as follows:

  • Audio Visual Training
  • Regular Tool Box meetings
  • Mock Drills to ensure familiarity and reduce response time
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification techniques
  • Continuous Health and Safety Surveillance and Safety audits at regular intervals
           throughout the span of any project
  • Safety Awards for Motivation and awareness

Preventive Measures

  • Scan the workplace for existing and potential hazards.
  • Inspect all the equipments and machinery for any defects       before work begins.
  • Keep tools and equipments in good working order.
  • Safety training to all the workers before beginning any task,       especially high risk activities such as working at heights.
  • We appoint a site person in charge of the safety of men,       machine and materials at site and responsible for compliance       on EHS issues.
  • All of workmen shall wear PPE clothing at site.
  • All safety permits are obtained before start of the work.
  • We ensure safe working practices all the time .
  • Use of suitable equipments which is apt for the job and ensure        that selected equipment is in good condition.
  • All electrical equipments are of required rated, duly grounded       and shall be looked after by qualified person.
  • All scaffolds and working platforms shall be erected by skilled       persons and inspected for a safe use by competent person.
  • Site safety in charge will conduct tool box meeting for all       workmen at site at a regular interval and enhance the       awareness about the safety.
  • We take necessary insurance policies with reputable       insurance companies.