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Integration of Architecture and Landscape

Landscape Development - Shiv Chhatrapati College ( junnar, Pune )

Institutional Landscape

Client Name:. Hon. Mr. Kale ( Krushi Uttpanna Bazar Samiti )
Land Area :. 1.5 acres
Project Completed :. 2016
Concept :. Clean cut minimalist landscape, Easy to maintain
Scope :. Design & site supervision
Project Brief:. Connection of Old college building to New Administrative Building
Challenge :. Major Level difference between old and new college building

Project Features
Multifunctional Spaces
Lawn in front of Building act as,
- Foreground
Spill over place for students between classes
Informal gathering / cultural programmes
-Planter walls as places to pause

Proper segregation of movement :
Vehicular movement is restricted till the parking space provided at the vehicular entrance.

Emphasis on Pedestrian movement :
2 wheelers are restricted in the campus with the help of steps, that are used as pause points.